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Strong litigation experience, often instructed in matters before international and domestic tribunals as legal representative for the applicant.


Before the Human Rights Chamber for Bosnia and Herzegovina:

As International Lawyer for the Chamber:   

  • Nedeljko Latinovic against the Republika Srpska (case number: CH/02/9040)
  • Milenko Vuckovac against the Republika Srpska (case number: CH/01/7224)
  • Ivica Tukaric against the Republika Srpska (case number: CH/01/8003)
  • Stana Samardic against the Republika Srpska (case number: CH/02/9130)
  • Rade Borota against the Republika Srpska (case number: CH/01/7257)
  • Sejad and Senad BUKVIC against the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Case no. CH/02/9868)

As third party intervention before the Human Rights Chamber on behalf of the European Mission to BiH: 

  • Isanovic, Lugonjic, Deljkic, Dzaferovic, Danizic, Kobilica, Derakovic, Vehabovic, E.B., Rekic v. Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Federation of bosnia and Herzegovina, Case Numbers: CH/00/6586, CH/02/10476, CH/03/12464, CH/03/12932, CH/03/14491, CH/03/14492, CH/03/14494, CH/03/14507, CH/03/14508, CH/03/14957-P.

B. Before the European Court of Human Rights:

As legal representative for the applicant: 

As third party intervention on behalf of the International Committee for Human Rights: 


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