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About F. Javier Leon Diaz
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F. Javier Leon Diaz
Barrister at Law
International Law Specialist

 Career summary:

Javier Leon Diaz is an established international law expert, Barrister member of the Madrid Bar (Spain) specializing in International Criminal Law, Human Rights Law and Humanitarian Law. Mr. Leon Diaz has extensive experience as a legal practitioner. In particular he worked in the fields of rule of law, justice reform and transitional justice for several inter-governmental organizations in the field within the context of peacekeeping operations.

As a human rights law specialist Javier is often instructed in matters before the European Court of Human Rights where he acted either as legal representative for the applicant or as third party in several cases. Javier also provides expert advice through consultancies for a number of organizations such as the Council of Europe or the United Nations.

Mr. Leon Diaz has a demonstrated experience in management and leadership at senior level. In this regard he has outstanding human resources management skills delivering highly motivated and effec-tive performance in all area of management.


  • Deputy Head of the Department for Legal Affairs/ General Legal Counsel.
    Office of the High Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • Deputy Head of the Department for Legal Affairs/ General Legal Counsel.
    European Union Special Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • Transitional Justice expert/ Acting head of the Human Rights Department
    United Nations Assistance Mission to Afghanistan (UNAMA)
  • Senior Legal Expert: Head of the legal team and deputy team leader
    European Agency for Reconstruction EC CARDS funded project:  “Institutional Building Support to Management Unit/Refugees and IDPs in Serbia and Montenegro”.
  • Expert Consultant on transitional justice issues.
    UNDP Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Expert Consultant human rights and criminal defense
    War Crimes Chamber of the Bosnia and Herzegovina's State Court
  • Legal Adviser for Human Rights and War Crimes
    European Union Police Mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • International Lawyer
    Human Rights Chamber for Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Senior Legal Adviser
    Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), Mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), Sarajevo, BiH.
    See: http://www.oscebih.org/human_rights/hrhome.asp
  • Human Rights Officer
    OSCE Mission to BiH, Brcko District, BiH
  • Elections Adjudicator
    OSCE, Mission to BiH 



  • International Humanitarian Law, International Criminal Law, Human Rights Law.
  • Justice reform, rule of law, fair trial standards.
  • Constitutional reform, administrative reform.
  • Minority rights, Self-determination, Rights of Indigenous Peoples



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